YallaChain Gallery

How to monetize and energize the Future Gallery and how to best utilize the space:

Still works: Both scanned traditional art & digital art to increase the pool of quality artists

Motion works: Presenting NFTs in the motion context
3D printed works (can include also digital element)
Augmented reality works, that can become alive in the space via apps

Celebrity infused works:

  • VR works that can be experienced via glasses like Oculus and Varjo
  • Various printing methods from glass to wood on various surfaces to create limited-edition goods
  • Metaverse digital double of the gallery for an online community, which can sell all of the above creative products
  • Ticket sales for private shows via NFTs
  • Help large business via promo allowing them to sponsor things
  • Charity projects
  • Club activity: The community does things together with VIP experiences from shows to various adventures
Woman with VR virtual reality goggles

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